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Hire a Coder or Use TCN?

This simple question requires a somewhat elaborate answer known in MBA circles as a “build or buy” analysis.  “Build” refers to recruiting and hiring, while “buy” is the option to contract or outsource the service.  There are a number of factors that go into the decision making process, and we will try to show you what is involved.
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ICD-10 Service Offerings

Starting in the 1st Quarter of 2014, The Coding Network will be offering ICD-10 Specialty-Specific Physician Documentation training and Gap Analysis.  The Coding Network will be offering ICD-10 remote coding and auditing, on an ongoing basis, starting October 1, 2014..
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Audits & Coding Quality Reviews

The implementation and operation of this program is quite simple. Periodically (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually) participating practices send us a sample of their visit notes, procedure reports and claim forms. We perform a government-style audit of the coding, using all available screens and regulations.
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Outsourced Medical Coding

All physicians, surgeons, hospitals, and ambulatory surgical centers need accurate medical coding and surgical coding for proper and optimized payment.  Unfortunately, physicians themselves are often suboptimal coders, and many certified coders have limited subspecialty coding skills.
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How Medical Coding Works

The ICD9 coding system is an international disease classification system which groups related disease entities and conditions for the purpose of reporting statistical information. The system is essential for medical billing, research, and public health.
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Who Needs TCN?

All physicians, surgeons, hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers need accurate medical coding and surgical coding for proper payment. Our ongoing coding service guarantees accuracy, and our audits of your own coding can either help you sleep better knowing that your own coding is accurate, or the audit results might be a real wake-up call.
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