Free Analysis Coding Backlog Resolution

How TCN's Ongoing, Temporary, and Backlog Resolution Services Work

Even the best run practices and hospitals can experience backlogs. Unfortunately, since the coding function is "mission critical" to the revenue cycle, no coding means the bills can't go out, which in-turn means no money. Older claims in the backlog risk being denied for untimely filing.

The Coding Network has helped numerous medical practices, hospitals, ASC's, and MSO's resolve backlogs in a timely manner. We don't require any minimums, making us ideal for temporary backlog resolution. Our specialty-specific structure allows us to attack a multispecialty backlog form all sides. Since our coders work remotely, any space constraints in your office are irrelevant. Once the backlog is resolved, many clients decide to continue to send us a portion of their cases to code as a safety valve to prevent reoccurences.

The doctors' written medical records (including visit notes, operative reports, diagnostic studies etc.) are the legal source documents for coding. The codes on the claim form must be supported by the contents of the medical record; if not, the OIG investigators and the RAC auditors will be eager to meet you. Our specialty-specific coders read these reports by remotely accessing your electronic medical records, dictation archives, or you can send us copies of the medical or operative reports via fax, overnight delivery or online through inexpensive HIPAA-HITECH compliant document management services. Our coders for that particular specialty read the entire report, select the various separately billable procedures without unbundling, consult the NCCI edits, and then place the codes in order to optimize reimbursement. In addition to the proper CPT codes, the required modifiers and diagnostic codes are linked to each service. We then send the codes to your billing staff within 2 to 3 business days. We make no assumptions; if there is ever a question or a judgment call, our coders will phone or email the practice to discuss the case. All of our coders are certified and carry one of the following designations, CPC, CCS, RCCB, RHIA, RHIT. They all live and work in the United States of America; nothing is sent to overseas subcontractors. Everyone has a miminum of 3 years of coding experience within a clinical specialty. We also provide our clients with back-up coding coverage for vacations, sick leave and other absences to avoid bottlenecks and to ensure your cash flow is steady and predictable.