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Anesthesiology Coding

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Anesthesiology coding is a unique specialty within the world of medical coding, and it requires a special skill-set and mastery of both the CPT coding paradigm and the ASA coding system. They must know surgical and obstetric coding rules in addition to the anesthesiology regulations. Add to that the expertise needed to code pain management procedures which encompasses E&M services, radiology, and surgical coding, and you have a very esoteric job description requiring advanced anesthesia coding training, mentoring, hands-on experience, and continuous updating and supervision.

Anesthesiology and Pain Management Coding Background

  • Managed by nationally recognized anesthesiology coding and pain management coding expert.
  • Decades of anesthesiology coding and pain management coding experience in academic and private practices.
  • Team of highly experienced Certified Coders specializing in anesthesiology and pain management..

The Anesthesiology and Pain Management Coding Need

  • Well trained anesthesiology coding experts are difficult to find, expensive to recruit, and costly to maintain.
  • Anesthesiology coding is complex and the regulations change frequently, making accuracy and compliance daily challenges.
  • There are no "practice runs" when submitting your claims; they must be accurate the first time. The legal and financial risks of upcoding or undervaluation errors are enormous.
  • Few anesthesiology and pain management coders are Certified, a symbol of quality coding.
  • There is a national shortage of coders with extensive anesthesiology coding experience.
  • Coder turnover creates cash flow peaks and valleys.

The Coding Network's Anesthesiology and Pain Management Coding Solution

  • TCN 's anesthesiology coding and pain management coding services relieve our clients of the headache of recruiting, hiring, managing, and training coders, who may or may-not know what they are doing.
  • 2-to-3 business day coding turnaround via overnight courier, fax, or the Internet. We can dial into your hospitals' or practices' electronic medical records or information systems.
  • Our per-case pricing model is inexpensive and our team of coders stabilizes cash flow. Only pay for what you need. Never worry about revenue cycle "whiplash" caused by vacations, family leaves, etc.
  • Identification and feedback of documentation deficiencies at no extra charge.
  • A practical and cost-effective solution for your anesthesiology coding needs.
  • No monthly minimums makes us ideal for backlog resolution or new hospital contracts.
  • Volume-driven pricing makes us an ideal permanent coding solution.

Anesthesiology Coding Services

  • Ongoing anesthesiology coding and pain management coding services.
  • Temporary anesthesiology coding and pain management coding coverage.
  • Backlog resolution for anesthesiology and pain management coding.
  • Quarterly, semiannual, annual coding compliance reviews.
  • Physician anesthesiology and pain management documentation training.
  • Coding “helpline” services.
  • OIG and RAC audit defense.